Link Building

So you need some links but you are not sure how to go about it? Link building can be tricky, as there is a fine line between natural and spam. You need to stay natural.

It’s one thing listing your website in a well used web directory, it’s another just randomly listing your website in 500 web directories. Believe it or not one directory link from the correct source can be better than 1000 bad directories.

linksIts all about the love connection :-) You need to ensure the connection is correct and there is a match, otherwise the relationship will end in unhappiness.

Cheap underhand links will get you out of Google quicker than you can say “Oh my golly gosh I didn’t mean to do that”. Good links will get you climbing the Google rankings like a warrior charging through battle.

Good links are ones that:

  1. Are in topic with your website
  2. Have some authority
  3. Are actually used by humans
  4. Have a purpose

Bad links are:

  • Unused websites
  • Loaded with keyword links
  • Have very little value, if any, to a human

This only covers a very small percentage of the things to look for but it is more to give you an idea about what I’m talking about. We have a professional team to help give your website a boost. Its all about getting your name out there, your brand. We try to ensure you get quality mentions and different types of media splashed around to give your website an online reputation. This will then give you a nice boost in the search results.