Search engine optimisation is all about getting you more traffic from search engines, mainly Google due to its market share being incredibly big. But why is it so hard? Can’t you just tweak a couple of things and away you go?what is seo

There are a few reasons why SEO is a little trickier than one might think:

  1. Competition - the more of it you have, the harder it is. People are fighting for the number one spot and they won’t lie down and let you take it easily.
  2. History – people in the past have abused the system so much that the search engines have had to clamp down hard. Because of this your website has to be spot on, otherwise you may fall into penalties. If the search engines don’t like something to do with your website they can do a couple of things. They can completely remove your website from the search results or just lower it down the rankings.
  3. Time – it takes time to do all do things properly and to up the quality. When you think of SEO think quality, as this should be the foundation and will enable your results to be sustainable.

What does it involve?

  • Validated website code
  • Well structured content
  • Keyword research and placement
  • A good navigation
  • Lots of authority through links
  • A social media presence
  • And a few other bits and pieces :-)

This might all sound double-dutch to you, but that’s okay. Think of it this way – you need your house built on a solid foundation, you need the bedrooms to be clean, you need the doors and handles to be where you expect them and you need to ensure people know where to find you. That might actually be harder to follow!!

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