E-commerce is a beast and do not let any one tell you otherwise. To rule the online shopping land you need a good website with lots of exposure.

ecommerce website

When going online to shop you do lots of different things without even thinking about it. You expect things in certain places and happily switch between brands and competitors. Why? Because you can, and it only take seconds.

So when you own an e-commerce platform you need firstly, to ensure you get the visitors and secondly, you get the sale. But that’s not as easy as you might think. With the correct team in place and the right attitude you can make wonders happen online. You need to keep your eyes open and your brain ticking, get it done well and watch your sales go through the roof!

So what makes e-commerce so intense?

  1. Getting the visitors: How, is the first question. Marketing campaigns are generally the answer but which ones? SEO and PPC are the two most popular and combined they make a great team.
  2. Tracking data: This is very important so you can look back to see which marketing strategies were successful and see how you can improve your website.
  3. Act on the data: You need to analyse the data you capture and see how and where you can improve. You may find that people can’t see your shopping cart button or some other issue. This could be costing you 1 or 100 sales a day. Very small changes can make a huge difference.
  4. Testing: You need to test your processes and changes. Your website will never sit still and you need to keep testing things, looking for ways to improve
  5. Improve: Your website should be improving month on month. New features, better access, and better product pages are just some of the ways you can make improvements.

We have a team with experience in lots of different areas for e-commerce. If you want to get more from your platform or want to launch one give us a shout.